ClimbMT National Bouldering Championship 2023 – Report and Results

Climbing enthusiasts and athletes from across Malta gathered at the Ġebla Bouldering Gym in Mrieħel for the National Bouldering Championship, an event organised by ClimbMT, the national governing body for climbing in Malta. This championship marked a significant moment in the climbing community, drawing many participants and spectators alike.

Men’s Championship winner Luca Giglio
Ladies Championship winner Julia Vella
Youth contender Lea Strojek in action

ClimbMT, formerly known as the Malta Climbing Club, recently underwent a transformation to align with the requirements of Sport Malta, the Malta Olympic Committee,. This rebranding reflects ClimbMT’s commitment to advancing all forms of climbing, both indoor and outdoor, within the Maltese Islands and also on an international level.

A notable highlight of the National Bouldering Championship was the participation of British sport climbing legend, Steve McClure. McClure, renowned for his climbing achievements, contributed as a special guest and routesetter. During his visit to Malta, he took the opportunity to sample some of the classic climbing routes in Malta and Gozo at beautiful locations such as Għar Lapsi, Mġarr iX-Xini, White Tower, and Wied il-Mielaħ.

The championship garnered a significant turnout, with the largest number of entrants ever recorded in a Maltese climbing competition.

In the Men’s Championship final 14-year-old upcoming talent Luca Giglio secured an impressive victory, showcasing his immense potential.  Veteran Suhail Kapkori claimed the second-place spot, while Bence Rottar took third place, rounding out the podium.

The Women’s Championship Final saw Julia Vella emerge as the first-place winner while young athlete Darya Scerri secured the second-place position, with a strong performance. Third place was claimed by Nancy Kretzschmar, who has just joined the ClimbMT team as the youth coach.

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ClimbMT extends its gratitude to the individuals who contributed to the success of the National Bouldering Championship. Special recognition goes to ClimbMT Youth and Competitions Officer, Louise Giglio, for her coordination of the event. Mathias Genesseaux, as the head routesetter, ensured the technical aspects ran smoothly. Emily Gambino provided valuable support, and club president Simon Alden played a crucial role in coordinating and supporting the event.

ClimbMT also thanks its main sponsor, Challenge Group, and additional sponsors, including Decathlon, MCM Event Medical, Crossfit356, Adventure Shop, and Surplus & Adventure, whose contributions were instrumental.

The many volunteers who served as judges played an essential role in ensuring the competition’s fairness and excitement.

ClimbMT additionally acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of:

– Stephen Farrugia, Club PRO, for his social media campaign coordination and planning.

– Bernard Abela, Club Treasurer, for handling Google Analytics, advertisements, and financial management.

– Nicolai Abela, Club Member, for supporting the marketing campaign.

Professional photographer and climber Inigo Taylor and former ClimbMT committee member  Aaron Attard, who captured the event through photography and videography, respectively, ensured it was well documented.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, ClimbMT has exciting plans for the future. We are in the process of setting up a national leaderboard and league, where climbers will have the opportunity to earn points by competing in a number of league problems. This initiative aims to foster friendly competition and encourage climbers of all levels to participate.

Additionally, we are actively working on developing a coaching structure for the Maltese Islands to provide aspiring climbers with the guidance and support they need to excel in the sport. Furthermore, we plan to organise routesetting courses to further enhance climbing standards in Malta, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all enthusiasts.

ClimbMT is determined to take the national team to compete abroad. This exciting venture will not only provide our athletes with invaluable international experience but also promote Malta’s climbing talent on a global stage.

ClimbMT remains committed to promoting climbing in Malta, and with the support of its sponsors, media partners, and dedicated volunteers, we look forward to organising more exciting events, promoting safety, assisting climbing enthusiasts, and representing Malta in international competitions.

ClimbMT is affiliated to Sport Malta, the International Federation of Climbing and Mountaineering (UIAA) and the European Mountaineering Association (EUMA).

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