Club Activities

Upcoming events

Indoor wall

Members can make regular use of an indoor climbing / bouldering wall at the Sliema Scouts Headquarters in Depiro Str, Sliema. The wall is open as follows:

  • Winter: Tuesday and Thursday, 19:00-22:00
  • Summer: Tuesday only, 19:00-22:00

The wall is open to MCC members only; membership applications are available at the wall. There is a charge of €3 per session to make use of the wall. Shoes are also available for an additional €3. Beginners will be under supervision of the MCC representative on duty at the time. Drinks and food are allowed but everyone must take their own waste with them.

Club meets

The MCC organizes regular outdoor climbing meets, generally according to the following schedule:

  • Winter: monthly, depending on weather, in the weekend as a morning (10:00-13:00) or afternoon (13:00-sunset) session
  • Summer: weekly, on Wednesday, 18:00-sunset

Most climbing meets are suitable for beginners, and equipment is provided for members. In the summer, one event every month will be dedicated to intermediate climbers, with a focus on specific topics.


Although the MCC is not a commercial organization it does from time to time receive requests from both club members and non-members to provide personal guiding services or personal climbing instruction. To promote transparency, the MCC has drafted a policy for guiding services, which details the range of opportunities the club offers to beginners to learn to climb safely, what fees are payable and who benefits from providing these services. This policy may be downloaded through the link below. Anyone interested in guiding activities may get in touch with the committee by email to the club address.


The MCC is active in the University of Malta’s Degree+ initiative, offering two ways for students to learn about climbing:

  • DGP 0800: Sports & Adventure – beginners can try out climbing as one of the sports available through this programme, with a taster session of outdoor climbing. [course currently suspended]
  • DGP 0841: Introduction to Sport Climbing – this course is intended for students who have limited or no previous experience of climbing, and would like to learn the basics of the sport in a more formal manner.

Kids zone

Since 2016, the MCC has been holding climbing sessions dedicated to younger climbers. For further information please refer to our Kids Zone page.