Community Spotlight: Julia Vella

Meet Julia Vella, a passionate climber who recently conquered the challenging Niminy Piminy in Gozo. Join us as Julia shares her climbing journey, from the exhilarating highs of ascents to the lessons learned through setbacks. Discover the unwavering spirit of a climber who pushes her limits and embraces the vibrant climbing community.

Introducing Nancy Kretzschmar, our new KidsZone coach

Introducing Nancy K, our dynamic Kids Zone climbing coach. Hailing from Chemnitz, Germany, Nancy brings a wealth of climbing experience and a passion for inspiring young climbers. Join us as we explore her journey from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the vibrant climbing community in Malta. Learn more about her dedication to coaching, fostering teamwork, and her love for the great outdoors.

ClimbMT National Bouldering Championship 2023 – Report and Results

Climbing enthusiasts and athletes from across Malta gathered at the Ġebla Bouldering Gym in Mrieħel for the National Bouldering Championship, an event organised by ClimbMT, the national governing body for climbing in Malta. This championship marked a significant moment in the climbing community, drawing many participants and spectators alike. ClimbMT, formerly known as the Malta…

Stevie Haston: 30 years of climbing 8s on the Maltese islands

Dive into the captivating world of legendary climber Stevie Haston as he celebrates three decades of conquering grade 8a and higher routes on the enchanting Maltese islands. This article offers an intimate glimpse into Stevie’s remarkable journey, from his childhood climbing experiences in Gozo to his transformative contributions to the climbing scene in Malta.