Bolt Fund

What it’s for

As a leading climbing club on the island, the MCC takes a proactive role in the maintenance as well as the further development of  sport climbing infrastructure in terms of equipping routes at existing crags as well as at new crags / climbing areas. As a general principle, it does this by generating funds which are used to provide route equippers with the material resources necessary to:

  • develop new routes,
  • replace ageing or potentially unsafe route hardware, and
  • potentially retro-bolt certain existing trad routes.

It is intended that this will further the development of the sport of climbing on the Maltese islands, in accordance with the MCC statute.

How to donate

Support us by donating to our fund, which is used exclusively for the purchase of bolts, resin (for glue-in bolts) and related equipment. You can do this by:

  • Bank transfer (IBAN: MT64VALL22013000000040019175177 – BIC/SWIFT: VALLMTMT)

Thank you!

Materials used

  • Due to the corrosive environment in Malta, sea cliff crags shall be bolted with titanium or high corrosion resistance (HCR) bolts;
  • Inland cliffs may be bolted with 316SS/A4 with a minimum shaft diameter of 10mm;
  • For glue-ins Hilti RE500 should be used, or similar;
  • Lower offs used will depend on perceived importance of a new route or crag, since chain/ bolt combinations are very expensive and may not be used on each route.  Less expensive combinations may be recommended, such as two bolt and ring combo or simply two bolts.

Bolt allocation policy

To promote transparency, the MCC has drafted a policy for the allocation of bolts (from its bolt fund) to route equippers. This policy may be downloaded through the link below.