Where to Climb

Climbing areas and crags

The tables below list documented climbing areas and crags. The following conventions apply:

  • Climbing areas are listed in the following order: starting from the south of the island, proceeding clockwise around the coast, followed by inland crags.
  • A climbing area is defined by its access: crags that are normally accessed from the same place are listed together.
  • For convenience, crags are listed against their nearest town.
  • Where available, links lead to related posts and/or topos.


Town Climbing Area Crag Notes
Żurrieq Wied il-Ħallelin Wied il-Ħallelin
Garden of Eden Għar il-Barbaġann
Għar tal-Munqar / Spooky Cave
Fearless Wall
Thaiwand Wall / Pillar Box Cave
Wied Babu Diamond Buttress
The Flying Arête
Central Chimneys
West Side
Smoothies Cave
Red Wall Red Wall
Wall of Wonders
Siġġiewi Temples / Ħamrija Tower Cobra Cave
Magħlaq Cave
Għar Lapsi McCarthy’s Cave
Terry’s Cave
Learning to Fly Cave
Twin Caves
Ix-Xaqqa Xaqqa Slabs
Fawwara Miġer Ilma Miġer Ilma / Fawwara Cave
Mtaħleb Miġra l-Ferħa Miġra l-Ferħa
Baħrija Fomm ir-Riħ Ras ir-Raħeb / Spezz Corner access restricted
Ras ir-Raħeb / Clawfinger Corner access restricted
Trozz Walls access restricted
Stucco Walls Boulder access restricted
Qormi Wied Qirda Grey Slabs
Sphinx Buttress
Għargħur Crazy Horse Cave Crazy Horse Cave
Top of the World Ċikka Escarpment
Naxxar Crucifix Cave Monolith Buttress
The Wave
Crucifix Cave
Mosta Wied il-Għasel Barbed Wire Buttress
Honey Buttress
Cat’s Arches
Oil Drum Cave
Chapel Buttress
Dragonball Cave
Jeff’s Cave / Eye in the Sky
Bridge Cave
Mellieħa Il-Qammieħ / Bellavista Il-Qammieħ / Bellavista
Il-Latnija Cave Il-Latnija Cave
Mistra Irdum Irxaw Irdum Irxaw Exterior
Irdum Irxaw Gully


To be added


Town Climbing Area Crag Notes
Nadur San Blas Tower of Power
Sopu Tower Cliffs
Cheop’s Pyramid
Lower Sopu Tower
Chalice of Malice
Upper Terrace
Daħlet Qorrot Il-Mixta Cave
Blata tax-Xalati
Pigeon Chimney
White Tower
Għajnsielem Mġarr ix-Xini White Walls
Mġarr ix-Xini (Waterworks) Italian Walls
The Nose
Flakeout Walls
Dream Walls
Champagne Walls
Waterworks Area
Freedom Walls
Munxar Wied ix-Xlendi Wied ix-Xlendi
Bamboo Jungle
Kerċem Iċ-Ċnus Slabs Iċ-Ċnus Slabs
Għadira ta’ San Raflu Għadira ta’ San Raflu
Għajn Abdul Quarry View access restricted
Tunnel Buttress
Crypton Cave
Walled Cave
Għarb The Underworld The Underworld
San Dimitri Point San Dimitri Point
Ħarq il-Ħamiem Ħarq il-Ħamiem
Għasri Wied il-Mielaħ Wied il-Mielaħ Arch
Wied il-Mielaħ West Side
The Cauldron & Upstream Boulder
Wied il-Mielaħ East Side
Spunky Arête
Forna Point / Fruitcake Land Forna Point / Fruitcake Land

Google maps

The following Google map shows the location of crags and access details. Please note that the map is a work in progress.

List of guidebooks

The following is a list of known climbing guidebooks for the Maltese islands, current and historical, with the most recent shown first.

  • S. Alden, J. Camilleri, and S. Haston, Sport Climbing in Malta & Gozo, Tufa Publications 2013. Available from the MCC or at Agenda Bookshops.
  • X. Hancock, The Adventure Guidebook to the Maltese Islands, Hancock Ltd 2009.
  • J. Codling, A. Warrington, and R. Abela, Malta Rock Climbing: the comprehensive guide, Moonstone Communications 2007.
  • R. Brookes and S. Alden, Malta New Climbs, Fylde Mountaineering Club, 1987.
  • J. D. Graham, Rock Climbing in Malta, West Col Productions 1971.
  • S. Styles, Walks and Climbs in Malta, Midland Association of Mountaineers 1952.


Many of the climbing routes have bolts and other hardware which has been fixed permanently to the rock. Due to variances in the manner of placement, rock quality, weathering, metal fatigue, the quality of hardware used, and other factors (such as corrosion, rust, tampering with the hardware) these fixed protection fixtures should always be assessed prior to being loaded. It is therefore crucial that participants evaluate the condition of the fixtures and anchors prior to committing themselves. In-situ protection should always be treated with extreme caution. At times fixed protection and anchors can fail catastrophically. Climbers using such bolts and anchors are personally responsible for their own actions and decisions and should seek expert advice or guidance as necessary.