Nominations to UIAA commissions

The UIAA is currently calling for nominations and/or re-nominations to the UIAA Commissions, with deadline on the 2nd April 2021.

The UIAA is seeking to appoint experts from it’s member federations for the following commissions:

  • Anti- Doping Commission: The UIAA promotes Clean Climbing by adopting and implementing the World Anti-Doping Code. The federation manages an Anti-Doping programme, including in-competition and out[1]of competition testing and results management processes in ice climbing and skyrunning.
  • Ice Climbing CommissionThe UIAA has organised the sport of ice climbing for nearly twenty years and in that time has witnessed the incredible growth in popularity of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour. Ice climbing is a dynamic, exciting sport, rewarding determination, technique, speed and precision. The sport is increasingly appealing to young people both as a competition and as a way of developing core mountaineering skills.
  • Medical Commission: The mission of the UIAA Medical Commission is to give the best possible advice through its network of doctoral-level mountain medicine experts, advice pages, the International Diploma in Mountain Medicine, and the dissemination of papers, translated into over ten languages. Many members are active teachers in their respective countries.
  • Mountain ProtectionThe protection of the mountain environment has always been a chief concern for the UIAA. Since it was founded in 1969, fifty years ago, the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission (MPC) has worked to protect the mountains – one of the last natural, unspoilt and free spaces on earth. The Commission’s goal is to ensure that mountains will still be there to enjoy for future generations of mountaineers and mountain people.
  • Mountaineering: The Commission promotes best practices by identifying and addressing technical, training, legal, access and ethical issues of international importance.
  • Access Working GroupThe mission of the UIAA Access Working Group is to globally promote the idea of responsible free access to mountains environments to mountain users.
  • Trainings PanelThe UIAA Mountain Qualification Label (MQL), managed by the UIAA Training Panel (TP), is an internationally recognised accreditation and certification scheme which examines and evaluates the training and assessment programmes of UIAA member associations.
  • Legal Expert working Group: The Legal Experts Working Group is formed of lawyers from national mountaineering associations across the globe, whose expertise range from environmental and public law, damages, professional liability as well as sports and travel law.
  • Safety CommissionSupports climbers and mountaineers in their goal of managing the inherent risks of their activities. This objective is achieved by establishing excellent equipment Standards, together with recommendations concerning the correct use of this equipment and the granting of Safety Labels to manufacturers whose products meet UIAA Standards.
  • Youth Commission: The Youth Commission provides safe and exciting opportunities for young people to experience the mountains. The Commission encourages not only an individual’s technical development in a given discipline but also an appreciation for the environmental, cultural and ethical aspects of the areas the UIAA is engaged in.

All posts are voluntary.

Should you be interested please message the MCC on .

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