May – a month of hard sends!

The month of May 2021 has seen a slew of hard sends all over the island for local and locally based climbers. A combination of good weather and hard work paid off for Suhail Kakpori, Charlie Ylaya and Nicola Gatti, who all broke through the barrier and climbed routes in the 8th grade for the first time.

Left to right: Charlie Ylaya on Down in a Hole, Suhail Kakpori on Wavelength, and Sean Cassar on Caveman. Photos by Suhail Kakpori / Facebook

In Suhail’s case, the send train was barrelling through town as he ticked not one, but three routes in the 8th grade, including an FA at The Wave in Ħal-Għargħur on Wavelength (8a+/b). Kako’s other sends were Bold Corona (8a/+, Għar Lapsi) and Down in a Hole (8a, Il-Latnija / Mellieħa Cave).

Down in a Hole was a popular route this month, with Charlie Ylaya also nabbing a tick!

Nicola Gatti nabbed a send of the long standing project The Farewell (8a) at Radar Point in Qammiegħ.

Nipping at their heels, Sean Cassar ticked his second 7c of the season with an ascent of Caveman (Il-Latnija, Mellieħa Cave); which came a few months after his ascent of Dancing on the Moon (7c, Għar Lapsi).

Tommaso Licata closed off the month of May with an ascent of The Beast (7c+, Radar Point, Qammiegħ).

As with all first ascents, the grades of The Farewell and Wavelength stand to be confirmed by future ascents.

Keep an eye on the website, as we’ll be publishing some in depth looks at some of these hard ascents in the coming weeks.

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