Parking at Wied Babu

A few weeks ago some club members were climbing at Wied Babu, having parked their cars on the dirt near some farm entrances opposite the iron ladder as has been done for years.  A traffic warden insisted that the cars be moved, even the ones facing the direction of traffic, as otherwise fines would be issued.

As a result of this incident, one of our club members has contacted the Żurrieq local council and has been assured that no fines should be issued for cars parked in this area, as long as they are facing in the direction of traffic (i.e. your car must be pointing towards Żurrieq rather than Blue Grotto). If the lay-by is full, you should park further down the road at the Blue Grotto belvedere.

Should anyone have any problems with parking there please inform the MCC immediately so we can take the matter up with the council.


Stephen Farrugia

The scene at Wied Babu during one of our climbing meets last year!
The scene at Wied Babu during one of our climbing meets last year!


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  1. julian says:

    THANKS for the warning

  2. marcel bercu says:

    hi stephen, i don ‘t know you remember me, i was coming in sliema indoor climbing hall with my daughter for climbing and registreision (italian ) in your asociation,but i think i don’t have the time this years to coming. for me was better to open the indoor hall a 6 pm or 6.30 pm .please, when you have a news,new things, or when you make someting please send me even me a this adress ..
    Kind regards,
    Marcel bercu.

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