Until recently, any climbers frequenting either the Garden of Eden crags, Thaiwand or Continuation  Wall would park at the Garden of Eden wedding venue parking area and walk down the road for a few minutes and clamber over the broken wall at the end of the road to join the footpath which leads to the crags.   This is no longer an option.   A wall and gate now blocks access at the end of the road.  We heard that the wall has been rebuilt following the resolution of a long-standing dispute about ownership of the land.  Our information is that this bit of land is private and the owners have the right to block it.  Whatever the situation, climbers attempting to climb over the wall are being approached by hunters who have been quite aggressive in pointing out that this way was no longer an option.  PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CLIMB OVER THE WALL OR CROSS THE FIELDS IMMEDIATELY NEARBY!      The hunters / landowners have threatened to damage the routes.  We don’t want this to happen and we certainly don’t want climbers to be perceived as a nuisance.  Our aim is to co-exist with the people who have been using the surrounding fields and footpaths for many years and not cause any aggravation.

The map below shows the route I have used and is just one of the options.  You basically drive to a public garden called “Gnien il-Gibjun” and can park easily nearby then walk down the paths to the cliff.  You also note that at the bottom right of the picture is a quarry. Another possibility would be to park near this and then walk down to the seacliff footpath and make your way to the crags.  It takes a few more minutes but is still only a minor inconvenience!

Please respect the privacy of the landowners and use the alternative routes as suggested to preserve our enjoyment of these crags a long time into the future.  Thank you!

Access to Garden of Eden, Thaiwand crags
Access to Garden of Eden, Thaiwand crags

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