UIAA delegation soon arriving in Malta

Logo_blau_hoch_mit_Text_UIAAAs reported previously, following the acceptance of MCC as a full member of the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) in 2017, the MCC submitted a proposal to the Federation to hold it’s annual “Spring Meeting” sessions in Malta this year.  The bid was successful and 85 delegates from all over the world shall soon be travelling to Malta to attend the meetings being held at the Paradise Bay Hotel between the 2nd and 8th May.  The official delegation includes UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt, the Vice President and all the UIAA staff from the Bern office as well as presidents of the German and Dutch Climbing Federations.

Malta will effectively, for the first time ever, be at the centre of the climbing and mountaineering world!  Delegates from diverse countries are registered to attend, including, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Iran, USA, Taiwan,  India, China, Russia, Japan and most European countries.

Additionally, representatives of well known climbing equipment brands such as Black Diamond, Petzl, Beal, Lyon Equipment, Bonaiti, Sterling, Blue Ice Europe, Kong, Stubai, Simond, Edelrid, Mammut etc. shall be attending.

On the agenda are meetings of the UIAA Executive Board and Management Committee, as well as meetings of the Access Commission, Ice-Climbing Commission and Safety Commission.

Also groundbreaking is the fact that the MCC has been invited to participate in the meetings in the form of a presentation to be delivered by club President Simon Alden about Access and Conservation issues facing climbers in Malta.  An interesting and very relevant subject indeed, and one that will be discussed at an international level, purely from a climbers’ perspective, for the very first time!  The letters “RTO” spring to mind here!

The MCC has been working for months to make this happen and is confident that it will be a great success.  Indeed, Malta has already proven to be a popular choice with a record number of delegates being registered.  A number of them will be climbing on the island during their stay with the assistance of the MCC and some have even extended their stay to ensure they sample the local seacliffs and valleys.

PLEASE NOTE: The MCC has organised a climbing meet on Sunday 5th May at Mgarr Ix-Xini Gozo in the afternoon which shall be attended by a good number of the delegates.  An event has been created on the MCC Facebook group.  We are looking for volunteers with cars to offer transport from the hotel to MIX and back, and to participate in the meet of course, in return you will have an opportunity to meet the delegates who are experts in their respective fields. Please get in touch with anyone from the committee if you are able to help.  We also need volunteers with transport who would be willing to take individual climbers out on other days. Again, just PM any of the committee members if you can help.



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