Malta Tourism Authority steps up climbing promotion in German-speaking markets

The German office of the Malta Tourism Authority has been busy over the past few weeks promoting rock-climbing in the Maltese islands to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

These initiatives include for example the production and launch of an iPhone App which was compiled with the help of local clubs.
Leading German climbing website has promoted this iPhone App in the news section of the website.

The MTA also produced a factsheet on climbing (2 pages A4 4c) with relevant information and contact details of the Maltese climbing clubs.

A very good response was received from readers requesting additional information about climbing in Malta following the publishing of a full page advertisment in a supplement of a big Gemany newspaper “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” or “WAZ”, promoting active Malta/Gozo with hiking and climbing. Besides general information the climbing factsheet was included in responses sent to persons making enquiries.

The MTA office in Germany are sending out their trade newsletter to 7.000 travel agents and tour operators in Germany, highlighting the climbing in Malta/Gozo. The climbing factsheet was included as a download.

By next week will promote a Malta teaserbox with landing page including information about Malta & Gozo, climbing in particular, photos streams, climbing guidebook and a raffle.
This will be online for the next 2 months.

A press trip from the “Klettern” magazine is being planned.

The MTA advised that the next step is a mailing to all indoor climbing halls in Germany/Austria and Switzerland with a flyer, but they prefer to wait until November until everyboody is depressed of the weather there and is dying for some sun in Malta!

It looks like that as a result of this campaign we should be seeing a lot more German-speaking tourists on our crags this coming winter!  We look forward to continuing to support the MTA’s efforts in this area.  More developments are “in the works” and more details will be provided soon to our readers and members.

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