Wied Anġlu – back to the future

Wied Anġlu is a small valley nestled between the towns of Ħal-Għargħur and Birguma on the Victoria Lines. The idyllic location, amidst fortifications, limestone cliffs and blackberry bushes offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the main roads just a few hundred meters away. Wied Anġlu was developed as a climbing destination…

Wied Babu Clean Up

Information about the MCC’s National Clean Up event in collaboration with UIAA’s Respect the Mountains and Let’s Do it, Malta!

Incident Reporting

“But climbing isn’t safe!” How many times have we, as climbers, heard someone pass that comment about the sport we love so much? All climbers know that the reality is very different from public perception of the level of danger associated with our sport. Our sport is relatively safe. It is potentially dangerous if we…

Club T-Shirts

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your friends to immediately spot you in your climbing photos on Instagram? Do you want to be seen and to support your local climbing club? Well, the club’s got just the thing for you – a brand spanking new, bright orange MCC T-Shirt….