Wied Babu Clean Up

Information about the MCC’s National Clean Up event in collaboration with UIAA’s Respect the Mountains and Let’s Do it, Malta!

Club T-Shirts

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your friends to immediately spot you in your climbing photos on Instagram? Do you want to be seen and to support your local climbing club? Well, the club’s got just the thing for you – a brand spanking new, bright orange MCC T-Shirt….

Hard sends at Għar Lapsi

The new year came in with a spell of bright sunshine and unseasonable high temperatures accompanied by strong winds – just the ticket for winter climbing. Not many climbing destinations can boast of having climbers basking in the sun in short sleeves in January. The spell of good weather brought the send train into town with…

New routes – Magħlaq Cave

Għar il-Magħlaq is another fine addition to the string of climbing caves that line the cliffs between Għar Lapsi and Ħaġar Qim temples on the South West coast of Malta. This cave has been climbed in since the 1940s, however in recent years it was seldom visited. The local climbing community has well and truly…