Earth Day 2018 – Cleanup at Top of the World

It’s Earth Day this Sunday, and to celebrate this, the club is participating in the national cleanup effort. Once again, we’re headed to “Top of the World” outside Għargħur. If you want to take part and make Malta a cleaner place, show up on 22 April, 09:00-13:00. Along with your enthusiasm, remember to bring a hat and a reusable bottle (extra gloves and garbage bags won’t hurt; while the organisers will supply the necessities, the more bags we have to fill, the better).

Earth Day is an international event aimed at raising ecological awareness, and this year’s theme is to end plastic pollution. As climbers, I’m sure we can all agree that a big part of our attraction to the sport is that it takes us away from the crowds, and allows us to spend time in places of great natural beauty. What a great pity it is when we find these areas littered with stuff that does not belong in the natural world and has been indiscriminately thrown away.

We hope to get a few climbs done once the clean up is over, so don’t forget your climbing gear!


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