Rock Fall at Xaqqa

We have been informed of a rock fall incident that occurred yesterday (Wed 4 Oct 2017) at Xaqqa. A couple of visiting climbers were scoping out Xaqqa in a gap between the bad weather, and on the scramble out a few large (ish) boulders/rocks fell from the loose side of the valley missing them by half a meter or so.  This was around Xaqqa Chimney, where the first staple ladder is installed on the way down. The climbers reported that there seems to have been significant erosion below the clifftop path that runs close to the edge on the south side of the gap. Thankfully, the climbers made it out without injury, and informed us of this incident.

The possibility of rock fall is always present at the crags, and some places are more susceptible to this than others. Always keep an eye out for loose rock, and pay particular attention after stormy weather.

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