Let’s Do It! 2017 – Cleanup at Top of the World

Let's Do It Malta 2017

One of the great things about climbing is that it takes us away from the crowds, traffic, people, the hectic and noisy urban environment. There’s nothing like climbing a route with a buddy with nothing around but unspoilt natural beauty. Sea cliffs, valleys, heaving waves, lots of air and exposure all around us. A wonderful change from the routine of everyday life. I used the word “unspoilt”. However, the reality is that the Maltese countryside is far from perfect. The little we have left is under constant attack, whether by developers or unthinking campers and picnickers who often dispose of litter indiscriminately.

Luckily, there are people in Malta who do care and the MCC itself has regularly organised its own clean-ups and also participated in nationwide initiatives such as the “Lets Do It!” initiative.

This year the MCC will again be taking part in “Let’s Do It!” and we shall be aiming to clean up “Top of the World” outside Għargħur on the National Cleanup Day. We’ve held a couple of our weekly meets there recently and the amount of litter in the area was evident. If you want to take part and make Malta a cleaner place, show up on 16 September, 09:00-12:00. Along with your enthusiasm, remember to bring a hat and a reusable bottle (extra gloves and garbage bags won’t hurt; while the organisers will supply the necessities, the more bags we have to fill, the better).

We’re planning to get a few climbs done once the clean up is over, so don’t forget your climbing gear! And with that, here’s a selection of photos from a similar event in Wied Babu.

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