Warning: Nails at Monolith

A few days ago I was approached by the farmer who works the fields in front of the popular Monolith Buttress climbing spot.  He drew my attention to a number of rusty nails he’d noticed that were scattered on the ground. These seemed to be the remains of wood pallet fires, and clearly pose a danger to climbers (especially while changing shoes below the crag) and any cars parked at the site. Apparently it’s not the first time this has happened.

I assured the farmer that climbers are generally very environmentally aware, and would not litter a site in such a dangerous way themselves. I also promised that I would bring this to the attention of the local climbing community.   So next time you visit Monolith Buttress I suggest that you check out the area for the presence of these nails to avoid any punctured tires or feet!

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