Brand new Club T-Shirts

Brand new nautical themed Climbing Shirts. One shirt = one bolt in the rock

We’re pleased to announce a new batch of themed Malta Climbing Club shirts are available for purchase. At the princely sum of €15.00, each shirt sold will fund a brand new Titanium bolt glued into the rock on a route in Malta or Gozo.

The shirts feature a nautical theme developed by Aaron Attard, Inigo Taylor and Stephen Farrugia. The designers were inspired by Malta’s seaside climbing venues like Għar Lapsi, Thaiwand Walls and Wied il-Mielaħ, where the Maltese have climbed for generations in pursuit of the perfect fishing perch, bird eggs and feathers (before people knew better than to disturb nesting sea birds), or perhaps just a secluded swimming spot. Nowadays sport and trad climbers tackle the harder sections of these cliffs for pleasure, but the signs of past pursuits are still evident in the rock – rusty bollards, carved hand and foot holds, and even the odd bit of tatty rope that is used to aid ascent and descent.

In keeping with the nautical, old fashioned theme, the design rocks some climbing paraphernalia from yesteryear – hemp ropes, the classic belay plate, and oval carabiners. To tie everything in, there’s a silhouette of Filfla – a view that climbers who’ve visited any of Malta’s best seaside crags are going to be familiar with. On the back of the shirt there’s a friendly reminder to your belayer to not pay out too much rope when you’re in trouble. Or maybe it’s a statement about how you should wear your climbing shoes. Or maybe it’s something else entirely… the trio of designers won’t commit to any one particular interpretation.

The shirts are Fruit of the Loom Valueweight shirts. They come in white or grey, in small, medium, and large sizes for men and for women. Yes ladies, the shirts also come in a women’s fit. The print run is limited, so make sure you get yours before they’re sold out!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some cool Malta Climbing Club swag, fly the flag both home and away, and help us get some more bolts into the rock! To get your own shirt contact one of the committee members with your size, colour and cut preference.

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