Climbing at Iċ-Ċnus / Black Slabs open again!

(See “Sport Climbing in Malta & Gozo”, 2013, p.141)

Good news everyone! Our friends of the Gozo Climbing Association, particularly through the efforts of “Didi” Treptow have today advised that MEPA have confirmed that the slabs are PUBLIC PROPERTY and therefore available for climbing smile emoticon

Please if you want to go there however DO NOT GET INTO AN ARGUMENT with the person who has been claiming ownership. The police has said that if climbers who go there experience any trouble or issues then they should contact them.

  • DO NOT touch, remove or damage the ‘no climbing’ sign as it is the guys property.
  • DO NOT leave any litter;
  • DO NOT block the road for the farmers!

If you go there and experience any problems or issues DO also inform the MCC and we’ll take the matter up with the GCA accordingly.


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