Warning about parking at Wied Babu!

Dear friends, as many of you know, people parking at the usual place (on the pavement across the road from the metal steps) for Wied Babu have recently been receiving fines for parking there.

The MCC and the MRCC have got together to try and establish whether these fines are justified or not. We have checked with the Żurrieq Local Council and with Transport Malta and we have just been advised that it is in fact not permitted to park in our usual spot. It is however permitted to park at the Belvedere overlooking the Blue Grotto (respecting the parking signage of course, and not exceeding 6 cars max to be sure not to interfere with parking for coaches). It is also permitted to park at the opposite end of Wied Babu, along the narrow road opposite the Demsey Aluminium workshop (see map below). We realise this is not very convenient and will be following up with the Żurrieq LC, Transport Malta and the MTA to try and establish official parking for climbers at the usual spot along Triq Wied iż-Żurrieq.

Until then, please be aware that you may be issued with a parking fine if you park there! More news to follow as soon as there are, hopefully, positive developments!

Alternative parking for Wied Babu
Alternative parking for Wied Babu

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