MCC takes Agenzija Zghazagh abseiling

Members of the MCC were pleased to give a taste of adventure to a group of youths from the popular agency Agenzija Zghazagh. I got a call a few weeks ago from one of the group leaders who mentioned that the agency was producing a film that required some abseil scenes.  Could we help out?  Sure, why not.  So a date was duly set, a venue decided upon, and sure enough on September 5th after work I picked up Alex Nibbles and we drove up to Ix-Xaqqa  to meet the group and start setting up.  MCC stalwart Stephen Farrugia puttered up to meet us soon after and anchors were quickly rigged, gear sorted and participants briefed.   The evening went smoothly and we were quite surprised just how brave everyone was, descending the slabs with hardly any hesitation.  One of the mum’s tried it too and her enthusiasm took her down to the bottom probably the fastest of all!

Thanks to Stephen and Alex for contributing their free time for a good cause.

Stephen Farrugia posing nonchalantly while waiting to provide safety rope for the next abseiler
Alex Nibbles randomly searching in her bag for crepes with Nutella, because you just never know..
Tugging on the practise rope…this is NOT how you abseil!
This was not a good day for me photographically and to be honest I really don’t know what she’s doing..but she abseiled well soon after!

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