WARNING TO ALL CLIMBERS: its been reported that a bolt has failed at the base of the route Freebird 6b on Red Wall, at the Blue Grotto in Malta. It failed when loaded with only the partial bodyweight of three climbers belayed to it who were getting ready to start the route. Unfortunately, the bolts placed on this route are stainless steel and NOT suitable for a marine environment. It is therefore suggested that this route is not climbed until the bolts are replaced with 316 marine grade stainless steel. For more info about corrosion of bolts in a marine environment and related safety issues check out: http://climbing.about.com/od/staysafeclimbing/a/SeaCliffBoltFailure.htm The local clubs shall be meeting soon to discuss the failure and remedial action to take in relation to other stainless steel bolts (not marine grade) that have been placed in Malta/ Gozo. For your information, the MCC has only ever used 316 grade bolts for use on Maltese rock.

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  1. Pete says:

    Are there any analytical investigations on the bolts Itself ? Are pictures available ?
    I am interested from the material engineering point of View.

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