Rael Saez sends new 7c route at "the Cave" and 7b at Mosta Valley

Spanish climber Rael Saez has been very busy lately exploring and creating new routes at the very hard end of the Maltese climbing spectrum, with a focus on “the Cave”.

About his new route “Caveman” F7c, in his own words:

“I tell you that I ran out of routes in the cave again…:) Yes, I sent Orange Dreams (sharpy, technical bouldery-style short 7b right of Kurt´s 7a, the orange line) yesterday.  And just sent Caveman today!!! right on! 🙂 finally I give it solid 7c (5 tries), another mighty stamina-style classic one to the list! I dare to say the king of its style in the cave for sure, and one of the best climbs I’ve done in Malta. My Slovakian friend, who just second-ascended Orange Dreams today confirming its 7b grade, has also tried Caveman saying that (its) at  least 7c. Time will tell though. People will say if it is 7c or 7c+ I don´t know. But I´d rather give it less and then if it has to be upgraded the better. Always better than it being downgraded.”

Rael on Caveman F7c
Rael practising on Caveman - he redpointed the route on a later occasion
Rael showing off on the route!

Rael has also been busy in Mosta Valley/ Wied il-Ghasel where he recently bolted and redpointed  “Son Goku”! which he calls  ” a curious”  7b.   He has also named the area as “Dragon Ball Area” 🙂 although we have to see if this name will stick or not.  He says that “This route has 4 bolts and the LO which is strategically placed in the middle of the wall so to embrace the rest of the yet not bolted routes in there.”

Dragon Ball area at Mosta Valley - San Goku F7b takes the left hand black wall

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