Theft from climbers' car at Wied Babu

A note of warning to climbers visiting Wied Babu.  Yesterday, I got a call from Mike  who needed to get back to Wied Babu quickly as he’d been taking some photos in the valley in the morning but had left a tripod behind which he wanted to recover.  I gave him a lift part of the way but later heard from Mike that although he’d recovered the tripod, the car of a German couple who were climbing at Wied Babu was broken into.  Their laptop, passports and other items were stolen!

Update: In Mike Caffrey’s own words:

“Today a visiting couple from Germany had their car broken into while climbing at Wied Babu. It was parked opposite the metal staircase. Missing items include an Acer Aspire laptop, 65lt rucksack, Wechsel tent, Mammot sleeping bags and a sleeping mat, in addition to personal items like bank cards. If you hear of anything that may help with recovery, please get in touch as I have their contact details.

Everything in the car was packed out of sight, so please, as always, take care when leaving your car parked when climbing!”

I do believe this is a rare occurrence however be careful not to leave any items of value in your cars  when climbing in this area! Lets not make the site an attractive target for thieves!

Wied Babu - Malta's favourite climbing location

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