Date now set for MCC Mountaineering Section Inaugural meeting

MCC Mountaineering Section leader Josef Grech this week announced the date for the inaugural meeting of this Section which has been set for the 28th September at 19:30hrs. The meeting will take place at the German Maltese Circle in Messina Palace at 141 St. Christopher Street, Valletta. The MCC would like to thank the committee and General Secretary of the GMC for allowing us the use of this prestigious venue.

The meeting is expected to be well attended as almost 50 aspiring mountaineers have so far signed up to the Facebook group   indicating the keen interest there is in Malta in this activity.

Details of the agenda for the meeting will be announced closer to the date.  See you then!

A pic of the Challenge8000 team at the South Col on 18 May 2010, one day after they made the summit - before heading down to Camp 2, and thereafter to base camp the following day. Manoel in green, Robert in ged, Greg in gold, and Marco crouching.

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  1. John Codling says:

    Can i express my interest
    in particular can we get a group to do a route on Mt kenya?


    1. Simon Alden says:

      I’ll suggest it at the meeting john. Sounds like a reasonable objective. What sort of skills and technique would the part need to have?

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