New routes set at the Sliema Wall – and a farewell to Fabien!

William Hicklin trying out the new hard green route created by Kyle Bonnici as the others look on

MCC climbers had a marathon routesetting session yesterday evening using their imagination to set a number of interesting and often hard new lines at the Sliema Scouts wall.  We hadn’t set any new routes in quite a while so it was about time that some new challenges were created to keep our sessions at the wall interesting.  There was plenty of beer and snacks too as we were having a party in parallel in honour of Fabien Chavanneau who goes back to France on Sunday to continue his Masters studies in Finance before taking up an internship in Paris.  Best of luck Fabien and thanks very much to all the climbers who participated.  It was actually a lot of fun and we will probably repeat the event when the next route setting session is due in a couple of months time.


Abraham working on the "Spanish" route (red and black), Marek on the "Slovak" green route, Fabien on the HARD white central "French" route and William on the ladder on the orange Maltese route


MJ, Alex and Nika
Fabien wishing the holds were even smaller


Mars Cutajar trying out the yellow route while Sean looks on


Alex on the yellow route

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