Climbing banned at Argentier!

We have been advised that the private owners of the popular “Argentier” crag have requested climbers not to visit the site anymore due to the fact that more and more people are trespassing on their land. We believe that the real problem here is not the climbers, who are very few in number that climb there and there are never more than half a dozen onsite at any one time. Climbers are, in a way, victims of a situation whereby the land has become popular for picnics – a separate and

Argentier - don't climb there until further notice please!

unrelated issue.  The MCC has made a number of suggestions about how the situation can be resolved and has offered full collaboration with the MRCC who are in touch with the owners. We will keep members advised of developments, but in the meantime please do not climb there as trespassing will only make the situation worse at this delicate stage.

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