MCC Abseils to Promote Health

The Malta Climbing Club was invited to set up an abseiling demonstration at the Ministry of Health which is situated in the historical “Palazzo Castellani” in Merchants Street in Valletta. The occasion was the Health Ministry Open Dayheld on Saturday January 15th 2011. The event was a great success with MCC members abseiling down from the roof down the side of the building to the internal courtyard. A number of Health Ministry employees also took this opportunity to abseil down the building while being accompanied by experiencedMCC members who ensured their safety at all times. A lot of work was involved for this event and special thanks goes to Kurt Vella Haber for coordinating with the event’s organizers for days in advance and securing the ropes and necessary equipment, and also to Mars Cutajar who provided the club with a very large and prominent banner featuring the MCC logo. A big thank you goes to the MCC members that attended the event for their participation and help on the day.

Safety was ensured at all times!

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