Notte Bianca 2010 – Climbing Exhibition

The MCC has been working hard over the past few weeks to help the Challenge8000 Everest people organise and set up a climbing related display and activities during the Notte Bianca event. The event was a great success and was considered to be one of the most popular attractions of the whole Notte Bianca!

The MCC members in fact set up a crevasse crossing simulation, jumaring, abseil and also arranged for a climbing wall to be available. I would like to thank the following club members and friends for stepping up and supporting this event and investing their personal time and expertise to make the event happen in a safe and enjoyable way for the public. In particular I’d like to thank Kurt Vella Haber (Club Secretary) – great work on the crevasse crossing, and Mike Caffrey – club member also of, Daniel Zammit of Bowline Outdoors, Darren Borg of Nutz n Boltz who supplied the climbing wall, Andrew Galea and Bernard Bonnici of Malta Outdoors Sports who loaned all the climbing equipment and supported throughout, Mars Cutajar of Sign-It for the great looking MCC promotional banners, Helga Cutajar (Club treasurer) and club members Sam Grech, Sven Neumann, Ollie Stewart, Claudia Sedda, Delphine le Corno and William Hicklin. In hope thats everybody – if anyone’s been left out pls accept my apologies!

Simon Alden
Club President

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