MCC at L-iStrina

Its over. Yesterday was a big day for the Malta Climbing Club. MCC was asked just a couple of weeks ago to organise an Everest themed game, similar to the one we had at Notte Bianca, this time at the Istrina event at Lufthansa Technik on Boxing Day, using a purpose-built ramp that represented a snow slope. We gladly accepted. It was a great cause, and given the support of the MCC members we knew we could do a good job. And support was indeed forthcoming with a good number of members coming forward and offering to be there to man the game, equip the competitors, take care of safety and ropes and even catch big bouncy rubber balls.. Each game lasted just 5minutes and there were 4 different game sessions throughout the day. Its amazing how much work went into organising ourselves for these four 5 minute sessions to make sure they went smoothly. Lots of communication with the organisers in the days leading up to the event, coordination with club members, providing input into the design of the ramp to enhance safety, then the setting up of the ropes on Christmas Eve by Kurt Vella Haber and myself, and the stage was set. On Boxing Day at 10am a number of us met onsite to finalise the set up and rehearse. Many people saw the game on TV, so i dont need to describe what fun was had by all watching the Santas jumar up the soapy slope under bombardment from rubber balls, then abseil down again under the laughing but watchful eyes of our members. It was a job well done and next year we shall be taking things a step further with the organisers of Istrina to plan a truly spectacular climbing event.

I would especially like to thank the following for their support:
Kurt Vella Haber (Chief rigger, always there when you need him – thanks Kurt!) and Kim Attard
Mike Caffrey ( – again, always there when needed, also very good at getting the team food and drink vouchers from the organisers ;-))
Andrew Galea & Bernard Bonnici (Malta Outdoor Activities – loaned us all the gear we needed – thanks guys!)
Darren Borg (Nutz ‘N’ Boltz and towing services for female drivers – not mentioning names here, Steph, Mars and Helga)
Simon Xuereb (Noble Gym)
Daniel Zammit, Maria Vella (Bowline Outdoor & Adventure Shop)
Stephanie Debono
Mars Cutajar
Geraldine Cutajar
Earl D. Vella
Tania Ellul
Jeffrey Camilleri

Finally I would like to comment that it was extremely heartening to be part of such an event. Hundreds of people gave up their free time to be there to make it happen, to raise the funds that will go towards helping out a lot of people in need during the year.
The Malta Climbing Club can be very proud that we were a part of it.

Thanks once again everyone.
Simon Alden
MCC President

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