1st Malta Climbing Club Christmas dinner

MCC Christmas Dinner
MCC Christmas Dinner

It’s hard to believe that 6 months have already passed since the MCC was set up!  Christmas is already here – the perfect occasion to sit down and have a celebratory meal in the company of other rock-obsessed people!  So a date for the MCC Christmas dinner was duly set, booking made at the popular Avenue restaurant in Paceville, and the event posted on the MCC page on Facebook (where else??).   I have to admit I was concerned at first. After a week on Facebook it looked like I would be enjoying the Christmas dinner alone with my wife (not quite “rock obsessed” at all) but long suffering and supportive of her husband 😉

MCC Christmas Dinner
MCC Christmas Dinner

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried!  The evening was a great success with a large table being occupied noisily by the club members.  It was a multilingual event – not only Maltese but some of our Swedish, Spanish, English, Irish and Bulgarian members were there too – all looking very happy.  Jon was pleased to model a lovely new hat, which was appreciated by all (check out the pics to see what I’m talking about), while Mars and her sister Helga, club treasurer demonstrated perfect etiquette while eating their pasta.  Again, just check out the photos 😉  Stephanie bent over backwards to make sure the event was a success, Mireille on the other hand was….thoughtful?   So we ate our pasta, pizza, fish and ribs, drank our water, wine and beer and had a good laugh. What else could one want from a Christmas party.  Oh yes.  A speech.  Andrew Galea of Malta Outdoors stood up to thank the MCC committee for the hard work and contribution to the sport since the club was formed.  Simon Alden the Club president was in turn induced to making a thankfully short speech in which he thanked the committee and club members for their support over the past months.  Lots still to do, but there are big plans and a commitment to continue to develop the sport in a structured manner for the benefit of all existing local climbers as well as climbers to be.  Special thanks also due to Mars Cutajar for her support with designs and banners supplied generously to MCC  whenever required.  Also Mike and the guys from Malta Outdoors of course, who have always been there to support us.

Thanks again to everyone and looking forward to next year’s dinner already!

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